Affiliate Disclaimer

Watch on Loop engages in affiliate marketing, which involves the inclusion of affiliate links on some of its pages. If you purchase a product or service through these links, Watch on Loop may earn a commission, which helps support its testing and review process. However, Watch on Loop also publishes links to services and companies without any financial ties. 

Editorial Transparency:

The editorial team at Watch on Loop is employed by Startup Digital and is compensated equally, regardless of whether they publish positive or negative reviews of a service or company. The team consists of staff and community writers who are experts in cybersecurity, privacy, and online services. 

Watch on Loop’s reviewers and writers are not influenced by affiliate earnings or the parent company and do not receive compensation for branded coverage or content. If any editor has a conflict of interest due to personal ties or investments with a service or company, the publication task is reassigned. 

Watch on Loops’s reviews are based on thorough research and testing of each product and service, and the team has developed testing methodologies that are periodically reviewed and improved. The editorial and marketing teams are kept separate to prevent any influence on the other. The marketing team places affiliate links and calls-to-action on some pages, and Big Fat Goalie may earn commissions if you buy through those links. The goal is to provide readers with accurate and valuable information.